Several companies have been started

Several companies have been started by ONElist/eGroups alum since the Yahoo acquisition. Here’s the list of the ones I know about:

  1. Neotonic is Dave Jeske and Brandon Long. They are developing an eGain/Kana killer. They also have a CS/HDF replacement library (the internal ONElist web templating system).
  2. Molly Guard is Alan Braverman. They are using PayPal as a platform for additional services. First up is a system to allow Yahoo Groups to charge for subscriptions.
  3. Godspeed Networks/Iron Port Systems is Martin Baker and Sam Rushing. I think the company was actually started by Scott Banister, founder of Listbot. They are in stealth mode, but I can guess that they are working on a box that will allow companies to send out large amounts of email to customer lists. In eGroups parlance, it’s a ‘Newman in a box.’

Let me know of any other companies started by ONElist/eGroups people.

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