Mailing List Features That Should

Mailing List Features That Should Be
I’m on several very active anti-spam mailing lists. Some I receive the digest for, others I receive individual messages. All in all, about 300 messages a day. I want three new features, which would make my life much easier.
First, I want a link in every email. Click it, and I won’t receive any more messages in that particular thread. I skip lots of threads, and this would cut down on the email load greatly.
Second, if I’m now ignoring some threads, I also want to be able to catch some messages that I might miss. I want to be able to specify keywords that, if found in ignored messages, causes those messages to be sent to me. That way, I could ignore a whole bunch of threads I’m not interested in, but, since I specify a couple of keywords, like “RBL”, “Trustic”, and “blocklist”, I can be reasonably sure that I won’t miss anything important.
Third, and this goes along with the second feature, I want to be able to specify a list of posters whose posts I will always receive. And, of course, I want a killfile of posters whose posts I never receive.
Lyris has the concept of ‘topics’, which I think was meant to address some of this. But in practice, those end up being more of a pain than anything else. Just let me ignore threads I’m not interested in, and I’ll be a happy camper.

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