Random Stuff

In no particular order:

  • Things are progressing well with Bloglines. I fixed up the subscription process today and squashed some more bugs. Next up is fixing the Manage Subscriptions screen, adding search, and adding a way for people to make their subscription list publically viewable.
  • Bloglines handles the new AOL Journals feeds fine.
  • My Bloglines subscriptions now number about 90.
  • I wonder if I should try to pick a fight with one of the “A-list” bloggers in order to get publicity for Bloglines. Maybe add a feature that would display diffs of updated entries.
  • I started setting up Moveable Type for this blog, but didn’t feel like mucking with Apache config stuff tonight.
  • Apache 2.0 has problems, best I can tell. If your scripts output “too much” to stderr, they freeze. That sucks, and hampers debugging.
  • All my production machines run Apache 1.3, and I see no reason to change.
  • Feedster is no longer crawling Bloglines every half an hour. I talked with Scott and now they pull the list of new feeds once a night.
  • I’m learning to fly in a little Citabria taildragger. Been taking lessons for about a month and a half. I can now take off and land with a little bit of proficiency (enough to live through the experience, but not enough for me to be happy with my skill level). Now that the crushing fear has subsided, flying is getting to be really fun.
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