Some bits:

  • The Forbes article that I’m mentioned in appears in print this Friday, so I’m told. There might even be a picture of me in it, so hide the children.
  • I’ve noticed with Bloglines that a sizeable percentage of users use a tagged email address. This is a special purpose email address, usually with the word ‘bloglines’ in it. While tagged addresses are an interesting attempt to thwart spammers, it really shows how badly the war against spam has been going. People should not have to make up special email addresses for every site they register with. That’s insane.
  • Bloglines appeared in a Lockergnome issue last week as a recommended site. Thanks Chris!
  • Speaking of which, Chris Pirillo is a smart guy. He sees the damage being done by spam to email newsletters. I agree with him that RSS syndication is the future for email newsletter distribution.
  • I passed my Pre-Solo Phase Check on Friday. This means that very soon now I’ll be flying around Palo Alto Airport solo. Hide the children! Lock the dogs!
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