What I Did With My Weekend

I cranked pretty hard on some new features for Bloglines. We rolled out the Bloglines Notifier, which is a tiny (100kb) Windows application that puts a little icon in your system tray. Whenever you have new items in your Bloglines account, the icon changes and a little window pops up. Great for, well, being notified that you have new things to read.
Tomorrow we’ll be rolling out a couple of additional features, as suggested by our great users.
I was not one of the ‘blessed’ that was invited to the Foo Camp gathering this weekend. I’d normally be fine with that, as I’d rather be working on features to make my users happier (which is exactly how I spent my weekend). But in this case, I wish I had been there. As Jeremy hints at in his blog, apparently there was discussion among several of the players in RSS-space, and some announcements are forthcoming. I have no idea about what. But as one of the players in said RSS-space, I would have liked to have been included. Bloglines isn’t huge yet, but we are growing fast (we’ll pass Syndic8 in terms of number of feeds in our database in the next couple of days, making us, I think, the largest directory of RSS feeds on the ‘net). So anything that was hammered out at the gathering will most likely affect us.

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