Popularity Contest

Interesting data on aggregator hits by Mark. He doesn’t mention Bloglines, but I pointed out in the comments to that entry that he has 456 subscribers who read his site through us. Now the numbers aren’t exactly apples to apples. You could argue that just by counting unique IPs, as he did, that there will be some amount of overcounting, due to people hitting his site from multiple IPs due to dynamic IP addressing. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to gauge the popularity of the various aggregators and aggregation services.
Anyways, the numbers taken at face value put us at number two in terms of popularity, behind NetNewsWire, a Mac-only aggregator. I guess this is an appropriate time to mention that we will soon be announcing an OS/X version of the Bloglines Notifier. It’s just getting some final polishing right now, and should be ready very soon.
In addition to that, and the features that we rolled out over the weekend, we have several more things in the works at Bloglines. Stay tuned!
Update: While Mark has updated his post based on some other comments, he still isn’t including Bloglines in the graph or even mentioning us. For completeness, I would think he’d want to include us. There are some nice comments attached to that entry about Bloglines, including one from Tim Bray who says that his mother is quite happy using Bloglines. That’s perfect because that means that we’re succeeding with our goal of making Bloglines easy to use.

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