Bloglines Update

I’ve been extra busy over the past couple of weeks. Bloglines continues to grow and add features. We will be moving the servers to a new colocation facility in the next few weeks, and at the same time we will be adding several new machines (and replacing some old ones). All of that takes a lot of time. And we continue to add new features based on the great feedback from our users. I’m especially pleased with our announcement tonight of a Mac OS X version of the Bloglines Notifier. The Windows version has been very popular, and I suspect that our OS X users will enjoy the Mac version. The notifier is a tiny program that you install on your machine. It places a little Bloglines icon in your system tray (or dock for Mac OS X), and pings the Bloglines servers every 30 seconds or so for new items in your account. It’s a great way to be notified that you’ve got new items to read.
This past Wednesday, we also announced support for the new Atom syndication format. We are commited to providing seamless integration of all popular syndication formats. It’s just something that our users shouldn’t have to worry about.
In addition to all of that, we’ve got many other things in development. Stay tuned!

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