I Passed!!!

Today I had the second half of my private pilot checkride. I had the first part on Tuesday, but we couldn’t complete the flying portion because I didn’t like the weather. Today the weather was much better, and I got it done. About 5 hours total between the two days, including 2.3 hours flying time. I stressed out over it, and ended up pushing a lot of Bloglines stuff to the side in order to study for it over the past few weeks. But it’s all done now. I wasn’t perfect, but I performed well enough to pass. We took off from Palo Alto, and flew over to Livermore, where I did my airwork. We then did an engine failure scenario, a diversion to a different airport, and finally ended up at Byron, where I did several take offs and landings.
I now have a Private Pilot certificate, Airplane, Single Engine Land, with a tailwheel endorsement.