New Bloglines Features

We have rolled out two new Bloglines features, send subscriptions and a user directory.
Send subscriptions makes it easy to transfer your Bloglines subscriptions to others. Simply enter the email address of the person, select which of your subscriptions you’d like to send, and add a short message. An email will be sent to the person which contains a link back to Bloglines. If the user is not already a Bloglines user, clicking the link will automatically create a new Bloglines account and pre-populate it with the subscriptions you’ve sent. It’s a very easy way to introduce your friends to aggregation.
The other new feature announced is the user directory. When viewing a blog in Bloglines, or when looking through the blog directory, there is now a ‘Subscribers’ link to the user directory of that blog. The user directory lists all the Bloglines users with public profiles who are subscribed to that blog. It’s a great way to see who else is subscribed to a blog, and what other blogs they’re subscribed to.
Both features were a direct result of user requests. As Bloglines gains in popularity, we are getting more and more great suggestions for how to improve the service. We’re doing what we can to keep up!

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