Thanks for the Mentions

Just wanted to quickly pop in here and say thanks for the spat of recent Bloglines mentions. Scoble mentioned us a few times when he was talking about aggregator adoption rates. Steve Gillmor also mentioned us in his response to Scoble. I could probably write all day about my thoughts about RSS and Aggregation adoption rates, but I’m really busy doing what I can to increase those rates.
Things have been quiet on the Bloglines new features front. That doesn’t mean we’re not working hard on new features. We generally try to release something new every week, but with some of the bigger projects we’re working on, we sometimes can’t make that schedule. And I don’t like talking about features haven’t been released yet.
I can tell you that a new version of the Bloglines Windows notifier will be released this week, provided testing goes well. This is mainly a bug-fix release, for people with proxies that require authentication. But it will also have the ability to specify longer intervals between pings, and the oft-requested feature that clicking on the system tray icon always brings up your Bloglines account in your browser. In the current version, that only happens when you have new items to read.
Oh, and speaking of notifiers, one of our users has written a Unix/KDE version of the Bloglines notifier. It just hit Sourceforge, and you can download the code here. We’ll be posting a note on the Bloglines site about it soon.
Ok, guess this wasn’t such a quick note.