Aggregation Interfaces

Dave asks why Bloglines uses a 3-pane interface. I guess Dave has never tried Bloglines, because we don’t use a 3-pane interface. I happen to completely agree with Dave that a 3-pane interface is the wrong interface for an aggregator. My guess is that if Dave tried Bloglines, he’d really like it.
Bloglines uses a two-pane interface, which gives a little more flexibility than the single-page interface Dave likes. But here’s the thing. If you organize your feeds into folders, you can click on a folder to see all the new items within that folder at once. And, if you click on the top link in the left pane (the one with the count of your subscriptions), then all unread items for all your feeds are displayed. Just like a single-page interface. Best of both worlds. And if you still don’t like the two-frame interface, you can get to a single-page interface by just using the following link:
Dave, I ask that you give Bloglines a try.

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