RSS Bandwidth Issues

The other day, on Scoble’s blog, he announced that MSDN was having problems keeping up with the bandwidth demands of RSS aggregators. Well, if Microsoft can’t handle it, then it’s definitely a problem, right? Many people have chimed in about solutions, mostly involving existing HTTP standards and reducing the size of the feeds served. These are all good ideas. I don’t have time to get into a lot of the technical stuff right now, but one really good recommendation is put forth by FeedDemon’s Nick Bradbury. I’ve recommended the exact same thing to a few people.
Another resource that’s being developed is Sam Ruby’s HTTP Best Practices. He’s applying his usual exceptional thoroughness to documenting the issues (I will always sing Sam’s praises, as his and Mark Pilgrim’s work on syndication test cases has been a tremendous asset to the community).
Unfortunately I don’t have time right now to talk more about this. But these resources should help sites that are having issues dealing with the load from aggregators.

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