Wired Rave Awards

Last night I was awarded the Tech Innovator award as part of the 6th Annual Wired Rave Awards. This is a tremendous honor and I want to thank everyone from Wired, especially Chris Anderson for his kind words.
The awards ceremony consisted of a dinner for the winners at the Plumpjack Cafe in San Francisco, and then a party at The Fillmore. Both events were top notch. I met several of the other nominees and winners, and everyone was very nice, even the famous people.
The photoshoot for the magazine was done at my house in early December. It was a surreal experience having a professional photographer, with his assistants and equipment, taking my picture. But again, everyone was great, and it was an enjoyable experience.
btw, while I think my interview in the magazine is good, I don’t remember saying “Bring it on” in response to the question about Microsoft entering the market. That certainly doesn’t represent my attitude. Other than that minor quibble, I think the spread is great.
For another, funnier, take on things, check out Jim Lanzone’s post on the Ask Jeeves blog.
While I will do my best, I cannot guarantee that this award will not go to my head. Consider yourself warned.

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