It’s been a busy few weeks; here are some quick highlights:

  • Early this week, we hired Garrett Rooney. Garrett’s super smart and we’re really excited to have him join the team. And most importantly, he’s another Sony PSP player, and we need fresh meat for our Ridge Racer and Wipeout Pure games.
  • On Wednesday, Bloglines announced the ability to track UPS, USPS and FedEx packages. We were working on this when the Askquisition happened, and I’m really happy that we’ve finally been able to release it, as it’s my favorite new feature. Testing this feature required the ordering of many items (ie. toys) from Amazon and other places. Sigh, the things I have to do for my company.
  • On Friday, we announced that Bloglines had been translated into Klingon. Yes, this was for April Fools, but Paul actually did translate the site into the Warrior Tongue. For those keeping score, Paul also did this for ONElist back in 1999.
  • Also on Friday, I made my acting debut in one of the videos promoting the Jeeves9000. I’m in the video titled ‘Integration‘. No, I have no plans on quitting my day job to become a master thespian.
  • Finally, I’ve been having terrible luck with cars lately. Don’t let me drive your car; it’s guaranteed to break down.