A Moment of Thanks

I’d like to send a quick thanks to the California Highway Patrol and one particular officer who did not give me a speeding and/or reckless driving ticket yesterday. Driving down the Peninsula on 280 on a warm sunny day with the top down, the engine was purring, begging to go faster, and the stereo was blasting the latest disc from Queens of the Stone Age. It was pretty close to a religious experience. So no wonder I didn’t see the cop pull up until I caught a glimpse of his front bumper in the lane next to mine. Looking at the speedometer, I was traveling at about the same speed as what’s considered ‘slow cruise’ in the Citabrias that I fly. That’s most likely slower than you think it is, but it was definitely well north of the posted speed limit. The friendly officer camped out abeam of the passenger door of my car for several seconds until I realized what was up and slowed down. He then continued on his way. Thanks Mister Officer! I promise to try to not do that again.
Of course, it is a pretty nice day out right now….

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