I’ll be at the Always On conference this Thursday, July 21, on the Open or Closed Web panel, moderated by that shrinking wallflower Marc Canter. I’ll be arguing for a Closed Web. Of course, I am kidding with those last two statements. As I am continually reminded, sarcasm doesn’t translate well to the written page.
On August 8th, I’ll be on the Vox Populi: Understanding the role of consumer-generated content panel of the SES San Jose conference.
Most likely unrelated to the above two events, this Saturday I’ll be trying my hand at flying a 1945 Boeing PT18 Stearman, which is an open-cockpit WWII era bi-plane. While I do not have the leather cap and goggles, I do have a scarf and jacket, so I’ll be at least somewhat dressed for the occasion. I can’t wait!

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