Techdirt Announces the Techdirt Insight Community

My friends at Techdirt today announced the Techdirt Insight Community. The idea is to create a marketplace and enabling technology for companies to consult with bloggers. I think it’s a great idea that has the potential to disrupt several markets (Gartner, I’m looking at you). And hey, it’s a (non-advertising based) way for bloggers to get paid.


  1. Mark,
    too funny- I’m sitting here in the panel session of Office 2.0 scanning through my bloglines and I see “Mark Fletcher Tech Dirt Winged Pig” headline and just put 2-and-2 together that you are the Mark I was speaking with yesterday at the Tech Dirt booth here. Random 😉
    congrats on the Tech Insight launch.

  2. Sean, you must be thinking of a different Mark. I’m not at Office 2.0. And while I’d like to take credit for Techdirt Insight, I unfortunately can’t. 🙂

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