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The latest craze running through the blogosphere is blog tag, and Dave McClure tagged me. Thanks Dave.

  1. My parents owned a minor league baseball team for 8 years, the Sonoma County Crushers, in the 1990s. During the ONElist years, escaping up there to see a couple games on the weekends was a fantastic stress reliever. Also, among other things, I learned how to set professional fireworks (long story involving a mostly deaf and blind “professional” fireworks person who had arrived late). The one heirloom I want from my parents is the mascot costume from the team. Crusher the Abominable Sonoman was by far the best mascot on the face of the planet, and I’m not just saying that ’cause I’m biased. One day, he will be stuffed, mounted and placed in my home, ready to greet all visitors.
  2. My nickname is Pig. When I applied for a job at Diba, a startup building a WebTV-like box, I put a picture of a pig on my resume. I wanted to make sure my resume was noticed, and I had some Christmas lights in my cube in the shape of pigs. How I connected those two thing, I’ll never know. I really don’t recommend doing this, but it’s worked out ok. At ONElist, the marketing folks had a field day with this. Our first t-shirts had “A little pig goes a long way” on the back of them. A tradition developed where new employees would bring in a pig related item, usually a stuffed animal. After the acquisition by Yahoo, I ended up with the resulting ‘pig shrine’, which had gotten rather large by that point.
  3. I’m a big San Jose Sharks fan. I’ve been going to games for years, and this year I finally decided to get season tickets.
  4. I have a completely irrational and unjustifiable fear of jellyfish. Have I ever been stung by one? Of course not. Have I ever even gotten close to one? Nope, no way. And yet, I’m very reluctant to get into the ocean. For years, in San Diego, I lived at most 2 miles from the beach, but I never went. Crazy, I know.
  5. Vegetables and me don’t really get along. What’s the opposite of a vegetarian? Me.

And there you go. More than you ever wanted to know. I tag Jeremy Zawodny, Joshua Schachter, Nick Bradbury, Greg Linden, and Marc Hedlund.


  1. Ya, you didn’t even put greens on your Steak Burgers.
    Mmmmmm… Steak.

  2. “Crusher the Abominable Sonoman”. heh. that’s great 🙂
    i’d ask how the fireworks guy became deaf & blind, but then again…
    and nice job on the pig thing. now i get it.

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