Startupping Launches!

I’m very pleased to announce the launch of Startupping, a resource for Internet entrepreneurs. As I explain in the first post, I want to take the mystery out of the process of starting and running an Internet company. The site has four main areas, the Startupping Blog, a set of discussion forums, a wiki, and an aggregation of relevant blogs from VCs, Angels and Entrepreneurs. To kick things off, I’ve asked several successful Internet entrepreneurs, including John Battelle, Paul Graham, Dick Costolo, Chris Pirillo, and Ross Mayfield to describe the best decision and worst mistake they’ve made as an entrepreneur.
Startupping will work best as a community. Entrepreneurs don’t start out knowing everything about the process of starting a company, and situations and solutions change with the times. This is the site I wish had existed back when I started my first company. I’ve invited many of the successful entrepreneurs I know to participate. It’s my hope that through Startupping, we will be able to help people get started and become successful, and in turn grow the community of new Internet entrepreneurs.


  1. Will there be a section for launch announcements and feedback (i.e. similar to and Joel Spolsky’s “Business of Software” forum)?

  2. Mark-congratz on launching this site! Question: what’s the best way to follow all the blog content on Bloglines? Looks like there’s a main site blog but also you’re aggregating lots of other blogs and providing OPML files for them. Are there RSS feeds for each aggregated category I could just subscribe to? Can I subscribe to an OPML feed, which would like in turn create a folder of individual feeds? What do you suggest? Thanks! js

  3. Joseph,
    Things are still a work in progress, but it’s not too difficult. There are two main feeds you want to subscribe to, one for the blog, at and the other for the discussion forums, at
    I need to expose the forums feeds better on the site.

  4. Hey Mark,
    I just discovered startupping today. I think it will be a great place for me to learn the tips and tricks in creating userbase and visiblity on search engines for your site. I converted many of my ideas to website and web applications, but none got any visibility. That is my biggest challange.

  5. congrats mark… looks like a great site / set of resources you’re putting together 🙂

  6. Hi Mark,
    we in Germany think it’s a good idea (better: most of the bloggers).
    I’ll make an account tomorrow, because it’s very late here. But I can say that it’s nice, but the design isn’t very adorable for me.

  7. Great start. Congrats!

  8. Grt concept and if this has the rite audience / mix involved it could be a grt platfom for all updates related to Startups….
    Has anyone chked Indias first Web 2.0 Hyper Aggregated Portal – Indy Chai the Beta version?!
    I think its Awesome + Simple!

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