Techdirt Insight Community Steps Up To Public Beta

Techdirt, a company I’m an investor in and board member of, today launched a new version of their web site and more importantly, launched the public beta of the Techdirt Insight Community. From the announcement:

The Techdirt Insight Community is a network of expert bloggers, who we’ve brought together to collaboratively help companies get the insight and analysis they need in order to make important decisions. Over the last few months, we’ve grown the network of expert bloggers in the program, while having them work on all sorts of interesting challenges and issues raised by our corporate customers — from designing a strategy for developing a mobile application to understanding the potential for Google to enter the CRM space to understanding how the enterprise software world is changing. Today we move the Techdirt Insight Community into public beta, and open it up to a much wider audience.

Think of the Insight Community as the eBay of analyst research. I think it’s a huge opportunity and I think Techdirt’s doing a great job.

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