Buh bye Treo, Hello iPhone

Like countless others today, I bought an Apple iPhone. It replaces my 2.5 year old Treo 650. Wow, what a difference. The keyboard is going to take some getting used to, but this is one heck of a phone. Web surfing is great on this device. Email is great, especially being able to view attachments. The iPod seems to work fine, with the exception that the DVDs I’ve ripped for my Apple TVs don’t play. I’ll have to look into that. The voicemail system is lightyears beyond any traditional cell phone voicemail system.
One confusing thing had to do with the activation. I am replacing my Treo, so I wasn’t able to select a particular voice plan. When I go to the AT&T web site to look up what plan I’m on, I now get an error. I’ll have to look into that.
Now, Apple needs to create an SDK and open up the phone to 3rd party developers. Web apps will only get you so far and don’t lend themselves to a seamless experience. But even without that, it’s a huge improvement over my old Treo.


  1. the iPhone’s been a long time coming – it was first predicted back in 1979

  2. Mark Hernandez says:

    Same here — Treo 650 to iPhone. I found your blog because I am now trying to grapple with somehow easily getting two years of contact information over to the iPhone without typing it all in. One problem I’ve found with the iPhone is that no matter what you use to sync contact info, Outlook, Yahoo, or whatever, the information doesn’t always match and there is going to be loss and confusion. So advanced yet so primitive. 🙂 Mark Hernandez

  3. Hello,
    I would like to ask your opinion on a few projects, which are global in scale and not mentioned on my blog.
    Thank you

  4. Mark I also have a 650 and finally got to play with an iPhone which was really impressive. I’d be very interested in your pros and cons after using both.

  5. I am seriously looking at the new iPhone. My Treo 650 houses almost 2800 contacts and several years of appointments—Is there any hope of getting those on my new apple macbook and then on to an iPhone?

  6. Jim, you might look at http://www.plaxo.com, which sync’s up between all sorts of different calendars.

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