I Got Paid To Blog

Recently I answered a posted issue on the Techdirt Insight Community service. As I blogged previously, the Insight Community system is a way for companies to ask questions and gain insight from a group of experts. I’m an investor and board member of Techdirt.
After registering for the service, I started receiving issue notifications. When one came up asking about designing a mobile RSS strategy, I jumped. Given my background with Bloglines, I had a definite point of view and very relevant experience in the area. I wrote up my thoughts and submitted my response. A couple weeks later, I was notified that my response had been accepted and that I would receive $500 for my work.
This is a great use of the Internet. The company was able to quickly get detailed, expert responses to a question it had. I was able to utilize my experience in a field and get paid doing so, from the comfort of my home.

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