Keyboard of Choice

As someone who has done a considerable amount of typing in his lifetime, I’ve become a bit of a keyboard connoisseur. My first computer was one of the original IBM PCs and one of the great things about that computer was the keyboard. It was this heavy, steel beast of a thing. The keys were well spaced and had the perfect amount of tactile feedback and travel. Maybe it was because I learned to type on that keyboard, but I haven’t found a better keyboard since. Luckily, a company called PC Keyboard purchased the technology/designs of this keyboard and are selling new versions. I just ordered my third ‘Customizer 104/105’ keyboard from PC Keyboard for a new iMac. If you’re unsatisfied with your current ‘board, I recommend checking one of these keyboards out.


  1. You’re not alone; I’ve known a few people in my past who would salvage old original IBM PC keyboards from corporate bins, hide away a dozen “extras” they came across, “in case they need a replacement”… If there’s a business in keeping that model going, I guess there must be something to it…

  2. Got my first one from a second hand computer market. Bought some additional ones from pckeyboard afterwards, also for my family. The only keyboards worthy of my fingers 🙂
    I got strange looks from a secretary once because of my typing speed: as every letter results in two audible clicks, my speed sounded twice as high.
    Those keyboards cost a hellish amount in shipping charges (to Europe), though, as shipping costs are largely weight-based, sigh 🙂

  3. Bill Ferrante says:

    I fell in love with my Thinkpad’s keyboard. I’ve grown attached to the layout of the keys as well as the placement of the touchpad.
    Recently I found they offered a USB version of the whole apparatus to connect to your Thinkpad when in a docked situation. I just attached it to my desktop PC and now I get the same satisfaction at my desk I’m used to only getting from my couch. =)

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