The King Of Kong : A Fistful Of Quarters

I first saw the documentary The King Of Kong when it came out in theaters last summer. It’s the story of two guys and their attempts at getting (and keeping) the high score in the arcade game Donkey Kong. But it’s much more than that. It was the funniest movie I saw last year. The DVD just came out and it has an update to the story (apparently it’s still not over), along with a bunch of great extra footage. The extra footage is worth watching just for the Mr Awesome segment alone. Highly recommended.


  1. Michael Kohne says:

    You might want to read the official twin galaxies statement on this movie at:
    It would appear that Twin Galaxies takes issue with some of the events portrayed in the film.
    Also, I found Jason Scott’s writings on the subject interesting:

  2. Michael,
    Thanks for the links. Very interesting.

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