Beer Names

I’ve just finished off a nice bottle of Lagunitas Maximus beer. It’s a higher alcohol content version of their IPA, and is quite tasty. I have also been known to enjoy a bottle of Spaten Optimator, which also is a higher alcohol content version of their regular lager. Maximus. Optimator. Sensing a theme? With that in mind, I have some suggestions for other possible beer names:

  • Mess-you-up Quickinator
  • Throbbing Destructor
  • Gigantinous Hugenator
  • Stupendous Mistake
  • Destructimus Relationships
  • Hangover Extremus
  • Penisious Compensator
  • Markus Shouldn’t Blogimus After Drinkingatoring

Clearly I have a future in beer marketing. Other suggestions? Leave them in the comments.


  1. Max Erickson says:

    ‘High Brau’, the fancy-sounding, higher alcohol content version of ‘Low Brau’.

  2. Suggestions? Yeah, don’t blog after having a Lagunitas Maximus 🙂
    Wait! That’s your last suggestion!! 🙂

  3. the “-ator” suffix is a common theme for naming dopplebock style beers. i recently tried a coffee-flavored dopplebock called “perkolator” (dark horse brewing co., marshall, MI). also see:

  4. Not bad names, what about Nextdayof.
    or you could make a video about it. Seems like the thing to do these days

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