Laptop Bag Recommendations?

Dear Lazyweb,
I’m in need of a new laptop bag, something on the smallish side. It needs to fit my Macbook Air and its power adapter, my Kindle and its power adapter, my Bose headphones, possibly a small mouse, and a couple of cords. So, not much. Any recommendations? I’d like to see it in person before I buy it, and I’d like to get it this weekend, so that eliminates mail-order places like WaterField.


  1. Parimal says:

    You can either get one of those boring bags from Tumi or get some cool-ish messenger bag from Barney’s New York!

  2. I think there are essentially two laptop bag makers in the world, Crumpler and Tom Bihn. You can see my Part and Parcel Crumpler bag by going to ramen with me (hint), and I love it. My wife loves her Tom Bihn bag for her MacBook Air.
    Every other bag is crap and deserves nothing but your scorn. Scorn!

  3. Marc, thanks for the recommendations, but, wow, that Crumpler bags web site sure brings teh suck.
    I’m up for Santa Ramen whenever you are.

  4. This particular one is probably too compact for you but I highly recommend Brenthaven. See post here, with plenty of other recs in the comments:

  5. I recommend dual manila envelopes.

  6. Ethan, that’s a great idea except that I don’t have any black mock-turtle neck shirts, and you need one of those to complete that look.

  7. Incase makes some very nice products, some of which you can find in an Apple Store.

  8. Yeah, the Crumpler site is nine kinds of nasty, I agree.
    I forgot to say, the Crumplers are often available in person (since you said you wanted it this weekend). Tom Bihn is harder to get locally, I think — they have a store in Seattle but as far as I know, nowhere else.

  9. Check out STM bags. Better than crumpler in my opinion.
    This one fits the macbook air:

  10. If you feel like going uber-cheap, you can actually find some completely adequate & functional Targus bags at your nearest BestBuy.

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  12. Here’s a bag I found for my MacBook pro. I generally don’t like a bag to be any larger than it has to be so this one is perfect. Just the right number of compartments and no extra bulk to carry around.
    I bought mine from the Apple Store in NY, but it looks like you can order them online.

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