Experiments in Panoramas

I’ve been experimenting with panoramas over the past few months, with varying degrees of success. Panoramas are multiple pictures of a given scene, from different views, combined into one larger, (hopefully) coherent, image. Since I’m only using my iPhone, the individual source pictures aren’t that great (fingers crossed that iPhone 2.0 has a better camera), but I like the results. I’m using Calico to assemble the panoramas, and I think it does a good job. One of the challenges is adjusting the exposure/colors of the individual pictures. Calico does some of that automatically, but as you can see in these, there’s still some variation. A second challenge is getting enough ‘coverage’ of the scene. As you can see in these panoramas, there are some black spots indicating where I didn’t get enough coverage (ie. take a picture). Click through each picture to Flickr for other sizes.
The first panorama was taken in Kauai last month:
Kauai Panorama
The next two panoramas are from Northstar, Lake Tahoe. The first is from off the top of Comstock:
Northstar Panorama
And this one is from mid-way down Prosser. It’s difficult to see, but in the upper, middle of this picture is the Truckee, Tahoe airport:
Northstar, Prosser Run, April 6, 2008

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