My Startup2Startup Presentation

Here’s my Startup2Startup presentation from Feb 25, titled ‘Try This For Lean Startup’, detailing some of my experiences starting ONElist, Bloglines and now Snap Groups. You can find the video from the talk here.


  1. OK Mark, I’m officially a fan of yours and I MUST speak with you at some point to learn, learn, learn. I love this presentation!

    I’m a talent manager of a couple of “B-list” film actors who are moving up the “ladder” in Hollywood. My wife/biz partner and me started up I Am Entertainment Magazine, a 3D flipbook magazine aimed at educating young entertainment aspirants about the various professional career paths available to them in entertainment; ones that don’t require them to know how to act or sing.

    We have over 66,500 readers per issue now via the magazine’s interface, but are trying to grow our website traffic to match the number of readers in the publication.

    Hope to speak to you soon, or even have you interview with us for our publication to talk about how you create these wonderful media tools. I mean, you created what is now known as Yahoo Groups!! WOW!

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