Snap Groups

Now that I’ve gotten my blog back in order, I can (belatedly) announce the launch of my latest project, Snap Groups. It’s a return to communities for me, something I’ve been involved with since I wrote my first BBS system back in 1983 and continued up through the development of ONElist (now Yahoo Groups). Snap Groups is a new take on communities, combining elements of Facebook, Yahoo Groups, and real-time communication networks like Twitter. A great description of Snap Groups was written by Marshall Kirkpatrick on the RWW blog. I hope you will check out Snap Groups!


  1. Eric Engleman says:

    Pretty cool idea. I’ll have to play around with it with a real test run.

    I hope you do a wordpress plug-in.

    Best of luck.

    Eric Engleman

    • Thanks Eric! I look forward to your feedback.

      The wordpress plug-in is interesting. What would you like it to show?


  2. Mark,

    Congrats! Just started a payments-related group…


  3. Hello Mark, Amazing, I just saw this.
    Seems like we’ve been thinking along similar lines
    in different parts of the States.

    I’ve been working on a similar idea for a while now
    that I think you’ll quite like.

    Had some great experiments with it so far
    and just gearing up for this year’s adventures.

    Let me know if you’re up for some ideas and collaborations.

    – Jeff –


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