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  1. Mark, I just found your interesting group service via a former yahoo-group. I´m the owner of a German speaking yahoo-group with a vet medical subject: https://de.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/hundevital/info

    When Yahoo changed its functionality in 2014 I immediately started to look for an alternative, but couldn´t find any. Obviously your intent was to offer one, but it looks to me as if only English can be chosen as a basic language.
    Still, I´m impressed by the time and work you invested.
    But maybe you are intending to offer your service in more languages?

  2. hey Mark, i couldn`t remember how i contacted you last time, its been so long, LOL!! i noticed a problem today at one of my Groups.io groups. i opened a post, and the clicked the edit button, but when i did that the whole page disappeared. i tried to refresh the page but it didn`t help. the line with how may posts there were in pending was still there, so i clicked on it and was taken back to pending messages again. i`d attach a pic for reference, but that option doesn`t exist here. if you reply to my gmail account, i can add that pic so you can see what i mean. thanks for your time, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

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