Markspotting – Late Summer Edition

I’ve been lax on the self-pimpage lately. I’ll be giving two talks this fall in Europe:

  • I’ll be back at the Emerce conference in Rotterdam on September 13th. My talk is described thusly: Mark will talk about the process of starting an Internet company in the 21st century. Small, cheap, and fast is the name of the game. Hear practical advice about what to do and what not to do. Technology, marketing and finance will be covered. This is not your father’s Internet startup.
  • At the end of October, I’ll be at the University of Edinburgh talking to students, courtesy of the Edinburgh-Stanford Link.

Recently, in conjunction with the launch of Startupping, I did several interviews:


Two interviews with me have recently been posted.
I participated in the International Online Journalism Seminar in Vilanova, outside of Barcelona, on October 26th. The night before, Feedburner co-founder Steve Olechowski and I were part of the inaugural Feeds & Beers en Barcelona gathering. The video is here. Yo had es muy fun at both events.
37 Signals Fireside Chat
Just posted is part 1 of a chat I had with the 37 Signals guys and Marc Hedlund, co-founder of Wesabe. Again, it was a lot of fun. But no Spanish was spoken at this one.
Update: Part 2 has now been posted.
Update 2: And now Part 3 has been posted.
And finally, and completely unrelated, a picture taken on Halloween of one of the monkeys of Gibraltar. For those that don’t know, there are about 250 monkeys that inhabit the rock of Gibraltar. Inhabit isn’t quite the right word; it’s more like they rule the rock. They’re very tame (but will bite) and will attempt to steal any food you may have brought with you. Definitely a unique and recommended experience.

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