Turning A Web Site Into A Mac App

For some web sites, I have multiple accounts, and need to be able to switch between those accounts easily. I created a set of site specific browsers for each web site and account using Fluid. A site specific browser looks like a normal app, but is actually a self contained browser set to open a specific web page. These site specific browsers don’t share resources, so you can set multiple ones up targeting the same web page, but using different logins. The problem with Fluid, however, is that it doesn’t seem to work with 1Password, the app I use to manage all my passwords. This meant that each time I launched a Fluid app, I’d have to also launch 1Password, look up the appropriate password, and then cut and paste it into the Fluid app to log in. Not ideal. Fortunately, I’ve come across a better solution, using Chrome. It allows me to create site specific browsers using Chrome and it also integrates with 1Password. And it’s free. It involves just a couple steps.

First, you must download this shell script. Each time you run it, it will create a new site specific browser app. It requires 3 bits of information: the name you want to call the app, the web page it should open up, and an icon to use for the app. For icons, I used Google Image Search.

Once you run the script, it creates the new app in your /Applications directory. Clicking on this app will launch a Chrome process, separate from your normal Chrome browser, pointed at the page you specified. So far, we’ve duplicated Fluid. Now, we need to install the 1Password extension. Hit Command-T, to open a new tab in the app, and go to the web page: https://agilebits.com/browsers/index.html. Then click on the green button to install the 1Password extension. Now, the site specific browser you’ve created has 1Password installed. Quit out of it and restart it. You can now right-click to bring up 1Password and fill in any log in form you have.

Your Monday Afternoon Pig

From outside a bar in downtown Aspen.

The King Of Kong : A Fistful Of Quarters

I first saw the documentary The King Of Kong when it came out in theaters last summer. It’s the story of two guys and their attempts at getting (and keeping) the high score in the arcade game Donkey Kong. But it’s much more than that. It was the funniest movie I saw last year. The DVD just came out and it has an update to the story (apparently it’s still not over), along with a bunch of great extra footage. The extra footage is worth watching just for the Mr Awesome segment alone. Highly recommended.

Bad Day At The Rocket Factory

I recently ordered a “Big Boy” Rocket Lamp from Cool Rockets. Just doing my part to support the lagging economy. Well, it arrived today. It’s every bit as cool as I had hoped. After unboxing it, however, I noticed that someone had written on the side of the box:

It’s difficult to see in the picture, but it also looks like someone has taken a pen or other small, sharp object, and stabbed the box many times.
I’m left to wonder what could have caused such anguish, that would cause this person to reach out to a random customer of his products with such a cry for help. I want to know.
I feel your pain, sad, anonymous rocket scientist. The last few months have been bad for many of us; I do truly feel your pain. But if it helps any, I want you to know that you make a bitchin’ lamp.


I had a chance to try out my new ski boards this weekend:

Alternate captions (feel free to add your own in the comments):

  • These skis aren’t short, I just have really long feet.
  • A three-year-old punk was mouthing off to me at High Camp, so I stole his skis. Who’s crying now, you big baby?!?
  • But the box said they were pre-shrunk!

The verdict? They’re really fun. I wouldn’t take them down an icy black diamond run, and I’m not exactly a speed demon on them, but they make for a fun change of pace. I also think they help me work on my heel/toe balance, which according to a recent instructor I had, I apparently have issues with.

eGroups/ONElist Reunion In Honor of Michael Klein

For those ONElisters and eGroupies (and anyone else who knew Michael) who might see this and haven’t already gotten the Evite, we’re having a reunion this Wednesday, January 16th at Tres Agaves in San Francisco at 7pm, in honor of Mike Klein.
Tres Agaves
130 Townsend St
San Francisco, CA
As Rikk says in the Evite, we “know that Mike would have wanted this to be fun, wild, and happy event.” I hope to see you there.

From a Happier Time

When I brought Scott Shambarger in as the first person to help run ONElist back in 1998, we made a bet. If we ever sold the company for a decent amount of money, we’d shave our heads. A little more than two years after that, the company threw a party on a boat on San Francisco bay to celebrate the closing of the Yahoo acquisition of (the now called) eGroups. Michael Klein was instrumental in making that happen.
I tried to find a funny picture of Mike, and came upon this one, taken by Joe Gross, of Mike assisting in the shaving of my head at that party.

Reports That Michael Klein Was in a Plane Crash in Panama

The title says it all. Reports are that Mike Klein, who I hired as CEO of ONElist and who later oversaw the acquisition of (the renamed) eGroups to Yahoo, is missing after a plane crash on Sunday in Panama. Mike owns a resort off the coast of Panama, and the reports say he was flying with his daughter, a friend, and the pilot. Their destination was the Chiriqui volcano, but they never made it. Searchers have been hampered by bad weather.
Mike currently runs Pacificor, a hedge fund in Santa Barbara. They just issued a press release. Another report with more details is here.
This is terrible news. I will post when more is known.
Update: Report from CNN with a little more information.
Update: Unfortunately, the crash site was found Christmas day, and Mike, his daughter, and the pilot did not survive the crash. Mike was one of the smartest people I knew and this is a great loss.

Seasons Greetings

One of my favorite memories of this past year was of an afternoon spent selecting LOLcat pictures for use in a presentation I would later give in Edinburgh on blogging (trust me, it was more fun than it sounds). Anyways, here is my contribution to the LOLcat canon. Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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