I Can See Through Walls!

If you’ve sent me email in the last couple of days and haven’t heard back yet, I apologize. Yesterday, I had LASIK to fix my nearsightedness, and I’m still recovering. I will say that even at this early point in my recovery, it’s nothing short of amazing. My vision is already really good, and is slowly improving even more. I can’t view a computer screen for long without it getting a little fuzzy, hence the lack of email replies, but even that is improving by the hour, and I’m sure I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow. If anyone in the Bay Area is thinking about this, I recommend talking with Dr Mark Mandel, at http://www.optimaeye.com.

Testing Meme Propagation In Blogspace: Add Your Blog!

This posting is a community experiment that tests how a meme, represented by this blog posting, spreads across blogspace, physical space and time. It will help to show how ideas travel across blogs in space and time and how blogs are connected. It may also help to show which blogs are most influential in the propagation of memes. The dataset from this experiment will be public, and can be located via Google (or Technorati) by doing a search for the GUID for this meme (below).
The original posting for this experiment is located at: Minding the Planet (Permalink: http://novaspivack.typepad.com/nova_spivacks_weblog/2004/08/a_sonar_ping_of.html) — results and commentary will appear there in the future.
Please join the test by adding your blog (see instructions, below) and inviting your friends to participate — the more the better. The data from this test will be public and open; others may use it to visualize and study the connectedness of blogspace and the propagation of memes across blogs.
The GUID for this experiment is: as098398298250swg9e98929872525389t9987898tq98wteqtgaq62010920352598gawst (this GUID enables anyone to easily search Google (or Technorati) for all blogs that participate in this experiment). Anyone is free to analyze the data of this experiment. Please publicize your analysis of the data, and/or any comments by adding comments onto the original post (see URL above). (Note: it would be interesting to see a geographic map or a temporal animation, as well as a social network map of the propagation of this meme.)
To add your blog to this experiment, copy this entire posting to your blog, and then answer the questions below, substituting your own information, below, where appropriate. Other than answering the questions below, please do not alter the information, layout or format of this post in order to preserve the integrity of the data in this experiment (this will make it easier for searchers and automated bots to find and analyze the results later).
REQUIRED FIELDS (Note: Replace the answers below with your own answers)
(1) I found this experiment at URL: http://www.mindingtheplanet.com
(2) I found it via “Newsreader Software” or “Browsing the Web” or “Searching the Web” or “An E-Mail Message”: Newsreader Software
(3) I posted this experiment at URL: http://www.wingedpig.com
(4) I posted this on date (day, month, year): 02/08/04
(5) I posted this at time (24 hour time): 06:28:00
(6) My posting location is (city, state, country): Emerald Hills, California, USA
OPTIONAL SURVEY FIELDS (Replace the answers below with your own answers):
(7) My blog is hosted by: Movable Type
(8) My age is: 33
(9) My gender is: Male
(10) My occupation is: Internet Entrepreneur
(11) I use the following RSS/Atom reader software: Bloglines
(12) I use the following software to post to my blog:
(13) I have been blogging since (day, month, year): 14/08/01
(14) My web browser is: Mozilla
(15) My operating system is: Fedora Core 2

Blog On

Courtesy of the fine Six Apart folk, I’ll be at the Blog On conference tomorrow. I always enjoy meeting Bloglines users, so if you’re one and at the conference tomorrow, please introduce yourself.
I’m not sure I’ll be able to make the dinner/party afterwards, but I’ll try.

But Will I See My Shadow?

Wednesday night, I’ll emerge from my undisclosed location to attend Joi Ito’s pre-Supernova conference party. I love talking with Bloglines users, so if that’s you, and you are one of the approximately 1.0E24 other attendees of this event, look me up. We’ve got some great things cooking for Bloglines, but we’re always looking for more ways to improve the service.


A few miscellaneous things:

  • We rolled out enclosure support in Boglines today.
  • Reaction to the release of the Bloglines Mozilla Toolkit yesterday has been fantastic. I’m not surprised, it’s a super cool piece of code.
  • Bloglines will have some downtime late Friday night. We’ve run out of space in our current location at the co-lo, so we need to move.

The Internet Archive is building a Petabox or 1,000 terabyte storage system. There’s a bunch of fascinating information there, including heat/power/air flow calculations. They’re going with 1U/half depth enclosures, running VIA processors, 512 megs RAM, with 4 300 Gb IDE drives each. Contrast that with the published specs of the machines that Google apparently uses for its clusters, which are P3 boxes, with 2 gigs RAM and 2 80 Gb IDE drives. With more RAM and fewer drives per controller, I’d expect the Google boxes to perform much better, but the IA machines get you much more storage bang for the buck. As usual, life’s a series of trade-offs.

Reading about a 1,000 terabyte cluster makes the 5 terabytes that we’re adding to Bloglines right now seem tiny. I never thought I’d say that about 5 terabytes….