Tanzania Safari Report – Final Day

Lee suggested that we’d have time for a brief drive before our flight this morning. We jumped at the opportunity to do so, calling it our bonus drive, and we were immediately rewarded. Lee mentioned that he had heard some lion calls near our lodge in the night, so we went looking for them, and 10 minutes later came across a pair of lions mating. Out of respect for the delicate readers of this blog, this first photo is post-coitus. The male lion is walking away to find something to read while the female lion rolls on her back, pawing the air and says “Wait, can’t we talk about feelings now?”

The mating process takes around 3 days, during which they will have sex approximately every 20 minutes. I got tired just typing that sentence. Each, umm, event, only takes about 10 seconds. Feel free to insert your own jokes here. At the point of climax, both lions roar. It’s quite impressive. Especially when you’re just 20 feet away.

At the end of our bonus drive we came across a pair of jackals. They’re small, canine scavengers. These guys were definitely less shy than the other jackals we saw on the trip.

Thus ends our safari adventure. I hope that both of you reading this enjoyed it!

Tanzania Safari Report – Day 3 / Tarangire

We did another marathon all day game drive today. It was fun but tiring. And a little disappointing because we didn’t see any lions or leopards. It appears to us that there’s little communication between the various drivers, so that finding shy creatures like lions or leopards is more luck than anything else. If we ran the place, things would be different. Because we clearly know better. Of course.

On with the photos. Jackals are small scavengers. They’re quite skittish, so getting pictures of them is challenging. This guy paused for a minute on a road besides some elephant dung before loping off.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Impala are a common type of antelope found throughout Africa. The coloring on their backside and tails forms the letter M, as you can see with some of the antelope in the background of this photo. The common, if exceptionally poor, joke is that the M stands for McDonalds, as these guys feed many other animals. That’s safari humor for you. Try the fish and please remember to tip your waitstaff.

Apparently like many species of mammals in Africa, and the star of one really bad reality show in America, Impala males have harems. That leads to a bunch of single male Impala having to hang out with each other. It’s like working at a software company. Here are a bunch of bachelors.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

And finally, here’s today’s obligatory Elephant photo. Tomorrow is a travel day.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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